L W Krebs Art...Her Observations on Life   

"Woman Warrior #1" 
Observations on life

The Story of my Spiritual Warrior paintings

When hate became the prominent sound from the 2016 presidential election I had the desire to do something...something but what could I do as a woman who struggles with words but has deep thoughts about the way in which humanity evolves?  I consider myself non-religious with spiritual leanings...but that is another story.   As I was playing with paint on a small canvas she appeared: A woman who uses love to fight off hate.  This first painting along with practicing meditation became my quiet quest to deal with a new level of hate in our country which continues to grow.  The answer was clear to me that we cannot fight off hate with more hate but it needs to be fought with love.  Many consciously minded people have encouraged us to embrace our hearts and let go of our egos but it often falls on deaf ears.  Love is a hard place to live from in the world of politics and power and I see no way to change this except to surrender to my heart.  There are spiritual warriors everywhere trying to stamp out hate with their messages of love, kindness and empathy and I have this urgency to paint them and share the message.

Spiritual Warriors #1, #2 and #3...are women who fight from a place of love  to combat hate.   In #3 an animal appears and she realizes that animals have no ego.  

My spiritual warriors are mythical beings who nurture the heart and quiet the ego.  There are many real spiritual warriors living among us and they are not always easily spotted.  They know humans have both feelings of love and hate and have a choice of which one to embrace.  The heart wants to embrace love while the ego wants to embrace hate.  Can we all learn to live through our hearts with acts of kindness and empathy and will humanity ever be able to quiet their egos where fear, judgement and anger reside?  Perhaps we need a lesson from our animal friends.

Below, on the left Spiritual Warrior IV becomes more mythical in look and is joining the animal world.  No longer a face of a woman, she grows wings and she is losing her ego and her heart expands as she humbles herself.  On the right Spiritual Warrior V: Facing Hate, a woman whose face becomes bird like and carries a mythical animal who guides her to look into the face of hate with pure love...it takes much strength for her to deal with the face of hate on the far right of the painting.  

Below is Spiritual Warrior VI a woman who is shedding a crown of thorns and in search of love.  She is distancing herself from useless arguments of hate while surrounding herself with love.

Spiritual Warrior VII: Cazique

is a woman who is transforming into an ego-less black bird.  She imagines and is hopeful that love can win.  She has the support of other birds, her breasts are falling from her body, she is growing wings and understands the value of fighting from a place of love.  Through the eyes of a bird she sees the ageless battle between love and hate.  She continues to ask herself if it is possible for humanity to detach from the ego and layers of judgement to transform our culture, so humans no longer use hate to conquer and divide, but battle from the place of love to achieve a more gentle society.

Spiritual Warrior VIII: Fly With Me

She is now covered with feathers flying above the earth like a bird where she can see the truth of who we are.  She can decipher  between right and wrong.  She is quiet and others are joining her in the journey to bring peace to the world.  Who will join her?  Are their more warriors to come?