L W Krebs Art...Her Observations on Life   

"Woman Warrior #1" 
Observations on life


Lori was born in Detroit Michigan in 1958 but lived most of her life in Southern California.   She has a BA in Economics/Social Science and MA in Educational Counseling.  Her passion for drawing and painting started at a young age. She still feels the same excitement she felt as a kindergartener standing at the easel.  Her family encouraged her to pursue art but personal obstacles got in her way and ironically she became a high school counselor who encouraged teens to follow their dreams.

In 2011 she decided to listen to her heart and the advice she gave to so many students and left her career to become a full time painter.  Building upon her college art courses she has taken workshops with several professional artists around the country. 

Inspiration for her work has been directly related to those years working with teens and observing life's joys and heartbreaks.  She now uses her creative energy to communicate her observations about what connects us as human beings.  The works of expressionist artists like Van Gogh, Paul Klee and Wassily Kadinsky have influenced her work with their vivid use of color and story telling ability.

Her work has strong compositional value and interesting use of complimentary colors.  She uses water based mediums with acrylic being her favorite and often layers them with papers and other mediums to add texture and depth.  Her contemporary expressionist style tell us stories with bold shapes and strokes of color and contrasting values.  Whether she is depicting animate or inanimate subjects her work has movement and rhythm which take the viewers eye on a journey which can provoke emotion, thought and sometimes humor.

Professional Artists I have studied with:

Jeanne Bessett, North Carolina
Patt Odom, Mississippi

Robert Burridge, California

Moe Brooker, Pennsylvania

Rick Mills, Alabama

Sue St. John, Florida

Dotty Holdren, Alabama

Nan Cunningham, Alabama

Marc Wurmbrand, California

Jess Drake, California

Mary Christy, California