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"Woman Warrior #1" 
Observations on life

Welcome to my heART

"I am seeking.  I am striving.  I am in it with all my heart"  Vincent Van Gogh

I fell in love with paint when I was in Kindergarten. There were huge easels and big jars of paint and I went for the red jar. During childhood I used to watch kids playing on the playground or outside my living room window.  I observed how life works, how we interact and how we balance the good with the bad and how we live with sadness and joys.  I was acutely aware of the boisterous play, the negotiations that went on and how problems were solved or not.  I was the quiet observer and to this day I am still most comfortable being an observer trying to figure out life, solve the puzzle and I watch and listen to how we connect in a world where things do not always go as planned. So I aim to communicate about life when I paint; sometimes seriously and sometimes with a whimsical outcome.

Life is colorful and a puzzle of choices and dramas and one-act plays.  Painting is also a puzzle of choices and I take on a painting using my ideas from life that I want to play out on the canvas.  I chose my color palette for a bold effect.  The negative and positive shapes are important to me as are the balance of lights and darks.  Acrylics, mixed media and other water based mediums are my preference because they dry quickly and I can work back and forth between several paintings at a time.  Depending on my subject I may add specific details to help convey my message.  When my eyes can walk through the piece with thoughtful observations but without interruption then I am ready to share my vision with the world.

If you would like to know more information about a piece please contact me at llworby@hotmail.com or use the contact button above.  Thank-you and enjoy your time here. 

Peace, Love and heART, Lori

Contact me at lwkrebs@outlook.com or 909-534-8049