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"Woman Warrior #1" 
Observations on life

 Spiritual Warrior Beaded Jewelry
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All my beaded jewelry is hand strung by myself.  I started stringing beads in the summer 2017 when I had to pack up my paints for a move and I ended up being without my paints for 5 months. My Spiritual Warrior paintings of women who seek to quiet their egos and nurture their hearts became "brand name" for my jewelry.  For me, beads represent the circles of life that we all live in and wearing my beads are a reminder to ...


Quiet your Ego

Nurture your Heart...

Lift Spirits

Free shipping and Handling on all orders.  Custom orders available...please message me by using the contact link above or email me at [email protected]

All necklaces have a silver plated lobster claw clasp

"Forget Yourself"

24" length

Semi precious stones with silver plated beads and clasp.



Blue semi precious stones with glass and silver plated beads

18.75" length


"Water Bearer"

Green and dark red semi precious stones and glass and silver plated beads

Necklace 18" $35.00

Bracelet 8.25" $16.00

Both $45.00


Semi precious stones and glass beads

17.5" length



Red Semi precious stone necklace

22.75" length



Sea Green & Rose necklace

17.5" Necklace

Rose colored quartz, square and round glass beads, silver plated clasp



Turquoise & Orange Necklace

16.5" length

Semi-precious stone, square and round glass beads, silver plated beads and clasp.



Purple Stone and Quartz Necklace

20" length

Semi precious stones, Quartz, glass and silver plated beads



Turquoise & Black Necklace

20" length

Semi precious stone, glass and silver plated beads



Blue Necklace

(matching earrings sold separately)

30" length

Blue Ceramic, grey glass and silver plated beads, metal pendant about 1.25" drop

contact me for availability


matching earrings $15.00

Both $55.00

Be Brave purple necklace

17" length

Purple and gray glass beads, metal pendant about 5/8" drop


"Wild and Free"

(matching earrings sold separately)

22" length

White howlite stone and dark and light green glass beads with metal pendant about  1" drop


Matching earrings $15.00

Both $42.00

Anklets and Bracelets
Sizes:     X-small = 6-7" small = 8-9"      medium = 10"     large = 10.5-11"      X-Large = 12" +
Measure your wrist or ankle for a perfect fit
Don't see your size?  Contact me using the contact link above for special order...no extra charge for a change in size. You can also email me at [email protected] or find me on FB at "LW Krebs Fine Art and Jewelry"


If you didn't see exactly what you want I may be able to make it for you.  Contact me using the contact link above or email me at [email protected]  You can also find me on FB at "LW Krebs Fine Art and Jewelry"

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